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St. Matthew Th‚Äče Apostle

Photo Gallery

Mission Trip 2013 Mission Trip 2013 Meet the Team 1 Annabel and Cheryl 187069298 Meet the Team 2 Karen and Bonnie Jean 187069305 Meet the Team 3 Bonnie Jean 187069295 Meet the Team 4 Gail and Diana 187069304 New Mural for Playground Wall 187069290 Courtyard View Our Little Roses Home for Abandoned and Abused Girls 187069293 New Roof on Girls Residence 187069296 Eighth Grade English Class Helping students recite Psalm 23 in KJV English 187069291 Student Recital 187069294 Evening Activity With Girls 187069297 Square Foot Garden Boxes 1 187069299 Square Foot Garden Boxes 2 187069303 Square Foot Garden Boxes 3 187069306 Craft Time 187069300 Annabel + one "Little Rose" 187069289 Cheryl + 1 "Little Rose" 187069302 Karen + 1 "Little Rose" 187069292 Certificate of Appreciation 187069301